Aloe Vera for Hair Loss : Natural remedies

aloe vera for hair loss
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If you’re at the early stages in your hair repair and re-growth and are looking into aloe vera, then this product could definitely benefit you.

Aloe vera, is one of those lotions that astounds scientists with what it’s capable of. From hydrating hair and skin, to helping sure Eczema and Psoriasis, aloe vera is there to help.

What About Aloe Vera For Hair Loss?

Well, aloe vera has been clinically shown to improve hair growth and also kick start it when you’re really suffering from male pattern baldness.

It works due to its hydrating compounds, plus the fact it’s a proven anti-fungal solution. This means that your scalp and hair are kept in perfect condition, allowing it to grow as quickly as it can.

One of the major things aloe vera is useful for, is seborrheic dermatitis. This is a condition similar to dandruff, yet far more damaging to your scalp and hair. Aloe vera is known to be a cure for this disease, allowing your scalp to repair and build the foundation for future strong hair growth.

Aloe Vera For Hair Loss : Gel

We wanted to test this gel exactly as we do with essential oils, by massaging it directly on the hair for a period of 6 months and monitoring the results. To do this we found a candidate called John.

John doesn’t suffer from male pattern baldness per-se, yet his hair has completely lost its vitality over the years and purely because of that, it gives the impression he’s loosing hair.

John has suffered from dandruff and a dry scalp for years, one of the things that really worries John as on some parts of the scalp, his hair is not growing back as fast as it once was.

John was the perfect candidate for aloe vera gel so we decided to base our test completely on his results. We began, by choosing Monday, Wednesday and Saturday as treatment days, making sure a breather space was left between treatments for the hair to recover and begin to repair.

We tested this product around the same time as we reviewed Lavender Oil, a powerful hair growth and anti hair loss treatment in itself, so a comparison would be hard to avoid!

What Products Have We Used For The Experience?

John used the following products :

  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Hair Growth shampoo
  • Hair Growth conditioner
  • Biotin supplements

How We Treated The Hair

To treat the hair, we took a small amount of the gel, massaging it directly to the scalp and hair roots. As this is a gel, it works nicely between your fingers and is really easy to massage the scalp full with it.

After treatment, we asked John to try and leave the aloe vera in his scalp for 10 minutes, before taking a shower and washing it all off.

We feel that this style of treatment really works with aloe vera and have seen positive results from it.

Other ways of applying the aloe vera gel is in the shower, following by a hair shampoo or alternatively as a conditioner too. Just be sure to try and leave it in at-least 5 minutes before washing it out, we recommend 10 minutes as a general rule.

Progress During The Test

The first thing we noticed, was that aloe vera gel was very quick to replenish the scalp and cure and fungal or bacterial infection. Johns scalp went from dry, itchy and generally hopeless for future hair growth, to healthy and infection free within one week!

That’s a pretty impressive time that even essential oil treatments couldn’t match.

For the first 6 weeks, nothing of any significance happened, save for the obvious increase in scalp health. This is not unusual of course so we decided to wait patiently for 8 weeks and see if any improvement happened.

It did! It took a solid 8 weeks but eventually, areas of John’s scalp that had been barren of hair for years started to show new growth. Even areas of John’s hair that were perfectly normal started to show slightly accelerated growth.

This certainly pleased John, as although he wasn’t “going bald” he certainly was beginning to show the early signs that he might develop full make pattern baldness soon. Even after 8 weeks the aloe vera appeared to have reversed that trend with new areas of hair emerging.

At the 3-month mark, half-way through our test, we found that John had really started to grow fresh, quite lengthy hair – even on the sections that were balding on day one. Scalp health was second to non and because aloe vera hydrates the hair, John’s new hair was in perfect condition.

At this stage we had pretty much seen what we wanted, Amara Organics completely won us over at this point and we considered calling a “win early”.

Yet we did persevere, calling John into the office after the 6-month mark to see how he had been doing with the treatments and see just how much his hair had changed.

6 Months Later, The Results

John’s hair is completely transformed compared to 6 months ago. It’s showing large areas of re-growth, whilst existing areas are youthful looking and full of life.

John reports absolutely no issues with dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis during the test and his scalp appears to have gone from strength to strength. You can probably tell by now that we love this product. The aloe vera is obviously a hair loss treatment winner and this gel solution is by far the best way to administer it.

Other than that we see no reason why this treatment wouldn’t be perfect for men who are just beginning to show the early signs of Alopecia or male pattern baldness.

Verdict: A quality product that really helps with hair loss. Perfect those those who haven’t gone completely bald but are suffering from early hair loss, a great treatment.