Argan Oil For Hair Growth – The Perfect Solution

argan oil for hair growth
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Argan Oil For Hair Growth

People have had some great results using Argan Oil for hair growth. It is another all natural oil that’s derived from the Argan tree in Morocco. Like Olive Oil, it’s most notably an oil for drizzling over salads and to dip bread in.

Yet this is far from the limit of Argan Oils benefits. It’s a superb moisture rich oil, packed with nutrients and proteins that make it perfect for use on hair and skin.

For those who suffer with Alopecia or age related hair loss, it’s a nice crossover between Coconut Oil, and essential oils like Jojoba or Tea Tree. This is because it performs the functions of both sets of hair loss treatments.

  • It moisturises – Argan Oil is packed with moisture rich proteins that actively help fight dry skin and fly-away hair. This is why so many cosmetic products use Argan Oil as the main active ingredient.
  • It fights disease – It helps to cure dandruff and other scalp complaints such as seborrheic dermatitis. The most important part of hair regrowth is to ensure the scalp is healthy and free of infection, something Argan Oil does perfectly.
  • It is high in vitamin E – This makes it a very good oil for nourishing the skin and healing scar tissue.

Argan Oil, is also a well known product for curing fungal infections, part of the reason why it’s featured in so many treatments for dandruff. It’s these anti-fungal properties that make Argan Oil such a powerful hair growth serum.

Argan Oil Does NOT Regrow Hair

It is important to realize that Argan oil alone does not actually regrow hair. Argan oil will not cure or prevent balding. However, it does massively improve the condition of existing hair, making it seem fuller and healthier. This is probably where the myth of it thickening hair or regrowing hair comes from. So while you may not want to rely on Argan Oil for hair growth, it can be very beneficial for your hair and scalp.