Biotin For Hair Loss : The Magical Solution

Biotin for hair loss
Hair loss

Biotin has been a really popular treatment for skin complaints. Many people purchase it purely for stretchmark’s and scares, something it helps with tremendously.

It’s also used to help treat people with bad nails and fungal infections within the toe, something that’s very relevant for those who suffer with hair loss or Alopecia.

The main ingredient of Biotin is vitamin B complex. This helps with a wide variety of skin and hair issues, helping to strengthen the root and provide growth that should be youthful and full of life.

Another bonus, is that whilst taking this for hair loss, you’ll likely improve the condition of your nails and hair too!

We’ve wanted to test Biotin for hair loss since discovering what it did for skin and nails. If it can do so much good work on your skin, then it’s almost bound to have a positive hair loss prevention effect.

How Does Biotin For Hair Loss Work?

The main ingredient in Biotin, is a vitamin B complex that’s water soluble. This means it can enter your bloodstream and get to the affected parts quickly.

  • It strengthens hair – By feeding the hair root, it allows your hair to grow extremely strong follicles that look youthful. This is vitally important for hair loss sufferers as their hair growth can often be dry and brittle.
  • It boosts the scalp – Biotin’s vitamin B6 formula helps your scalp recover and repair, curing and infection of dermatitis and helping it get back to hair growing ways.
  • It helps your skin and nails too – A by product of taking a supplement that helps all your body, is that your skin and nails will improve too.

As this product is a supplement, we would recommend taking it whilst using an essential oil such as Tea Tree, Jojoba or Cedarwood.

Our Review And Test

We picked a candidate who’s friends with my father. Thankfully, my dad is now of the age where many of his buddies are suffering hair loss and pattern baldness. So we had quite a few to choose from!

In the end we picked Jeff, one of my fathers friends from the local Golf Club. He’s 56 and a director for a local construction company. Like all middle aged men, he’s been battling hair loss for 10 years and never discovered any product that worked.

We hear this complaint all the time. Most good treatments fall into a number of key groups, with anything outside this not working! That’s part of the reason we set up this website to educate people on the correct ways to cure hair loss and Alopecia.

This review lasted 6 months, giving the Biotin for hair loss enough time to perform its work and hopefully regrow Jeff’s hair.

To apply, we allowed Jeff to take one capsule a day with breakfast. This was by far the easiest treatment plan we’ve ever seen whilst testing hair loss prevention products, and was a nice surprise!

This treatment works best when used with a hair growth shampoo like Ultrax, Phytoworx or Pura D’or.

Progress During The Review

For the first 8 weeks, nothing of any major benefits happened to Jeff’s scalp or hair. This worried us at first as most hair loss treatments tend to start working after the 4-week mark, even if the change is slow.

However, we decided to honor our 6-month treatment plan and keep going. Jeff didn’t mind taking the tablets as it’s an easy thing to do each morning.

It wasn’t until 12 weeks into our review, that we started to notice hair growth. A small patch of previously balding scalp on Jeff’s crown had begun to grow back.

Phew! We had considered Biotin for hair loss as a bust early on but it just seemed like it needed time to work.

At the 18th week, we decided to perform another check of Jeff’s hair. It’s unusual for us to check so late into the test but given how slowly the Biotin took to get going, it seemed like a great idea.

Jeff’s hair was growing perfectly at this point, what’s more, the vitamin B complex was obviously having an effect, as the hair growth was strong, supple and full of life.

At this point, we knew we had a winner so left further checks until the 6-month mark. That would enable us to see exactly how Biotin for hair loss worked against alternative products like Jojoba Oil, Cedarwood or Lavender Oil.

6-Months Later – The Results

We reviewed Jeff’s hair growth progress at the 6-month mark. Checking to see just how much growth had occurred and to see if Biotin for hair loss was a worthy product to buy

What we discovered was a partially re-grown scalp, with another 2 maybe 3 months required for full coverage. What impressed us most however, was the fact the hair that had grown back was full of life and very strong. This is great news as it’s not uncommon, for hair loss treatment regrowth to be lifeless and a little thin.

Thankfully, that’s not the case here and Jeff was quite impressed even with his hair half growth. He’s quite happy to wait another few months if it means having a full head of hair that looks as good as it does now.

Another thing Biotin for hair loss impressed us with was the price. At $15, it represents great value for money and should be part of any hair loss treatment plan.

We also wonder if this treatment could be twinned with Tea Tree Oil, getting the full benefit from both types of treatment and perhaps speeding up the treatment time.

Verdict: A slow, but worthwhile treatment, Biotin takes a little time to get going but once it starts to work produces a really lovely, thick hair growth.

We like the price and would love to trial this treatment with Tea Tree Oil or Jojoba to see if the treatment time could be sped up.