How to Use Castor Oil For Hair – The Perfect Guide

Castor Oil For Hair
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It has long been known that the answer to many of our health questions can be answered by looking to nature. Castor oil is one of nature’s best gifts. Castor oil will work miracles on your hair and solve all different types of hair problems.

The Benefits of Castor Oil For Hair

Some benefits of castor oil for hair include reducing split ends and dandruff, thickening your hair, increasing blood flow to the scalp, conditioning and moisturizing, fighting scalp infections, and even helping to regrow lost hair.

How To Use Castor Oil For Hair

You can use castor oil for hair in a variety of ways. The easiest way to use it is to apply it by itself directly to your hair. However, you may want to try mixing it with other oils such as jojoba, coconut, argan, olive, almond, or avocado, all of which are also known for conditioning and repairing damaged hair. If you would like you can also add a small amount of essential oils so the mixture smells good. Once you have your plain castor oil or mixture prepared, you’re ready to apply it.

You’ll want to work with damp hair and first massage it into your scalp for at least five minutes, pay attention to any problem areas you have. Once massaged into the scalp, work it through the rest of your hair and down to the ends. Once your hair is saturated, put a shower cap on your head and let it sit for at least one hour. After you have let it sit, wash it out thoroughly.

Some of the process may be a little tricky, so here are some pro tips for using castor oil for hair.

  • Try lavender, peppermint, mint, or any other essential oil you prefer to mask the slight odor of castor oil
  • For best results, let the mixture sit in your hair for three to five hours or even overnight
  • It may be difficult to get all the oil out of your hair so go through your regular shampoo and conditioning routine and scrub extra good, repeating if needed until all the oil is out
  • Results may not be immediate so repeat this treatment a few times a week until you see the desired results

A Good Alternative – SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo

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If this treatment seems like too much or too time consuming, I recommend trying SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo. I personally love to try new things with my hair and I dye it a lot. However, this can cause a lot of damage. I have tried many different products and the SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo is by far my favorite. It repairs damaged hair to its original glory and strength. It got rid of all of my split ends and gave my hair back its softness, sheen, and luster.

It is easier than having to make a treatment and spend five hours with it in your hair. Instead, you use this shampoo just like any other shampoo. I use it every day and highly recommend it to anyone with damaged hair or anyone who cares a lot about their hair and wants to prevent future damage that comes with everyday activities.