Top 5 SCARY Causes of Hair Loss

Causes of hair loss

The Causes of Hair Loss That You Might Not Know About The causes of hair loss can be very simple and easily fixed (e.g. Stress) or very complicated and almost impossible to reverse (such as a serious underlying health condition). My goal in this article is to present some of the causes of hair loss […]

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How to Make a Banana Hair Mask at Home

Banana Hair Mask

Are you one of those people who want your hair to stop being dry and brittle but don’t want to have to dig in your pocket and pay for expensive hair care products? There is a very effective way to get the look you want without breaking the bank just to get it. The ingredients […]

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Hand Scalp Massager – How Massaging Scalp Help Hair Growth

Massaging Scalp For Hair Growth

Of all the things that define attractiveness for a human, hair is probably up there with our face and skin. It’s one of the main things that define youth; a quality everyone likes to try and exude! Even if you’re not suffering from hair loss or alopecia, there’s always a new shampoo, conditioner or serum […]

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