The Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

Causes Of Hair Loss In Women

As a woman, your hair and hair style have an enormous impact on your self image and how others perceive you. If you suddenly find yourself facing hair loss, it can deeply affect your self-confidence. However, it might surprise you that you’re not alone – 40% of those suffering from hair loss are women. Hair […]

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How to Handle Hair Loss During Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy and hair loss

Robin Roberts, the anchor on Good Morning America, battled cancer and one morning shortly after starting treatments she graced us with her presence. She was looking alive and well and she discussed her fight with cancer, particularly her hair loss due to Chemotherapy. Now she is the morning host of GMA and has a bright […]

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How To Regrow Hair Naturally : Complete Guide On How I Got My Hair Back

How to regrow hair naturally

If you are like me, you take pride in your appearance and will do everything in your power to look your best. Looking and feeling good on both the inside and outside is a top priority, and when we are in top-form, we can stick our chest out with pride and are full of confidence […]

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Are You Getting Thin On Top? A Short Guide to the Best Hair Growth Shampoo

Best Hair Growth Shampoo

Many awful stuff can happen to your hair—no growth, slow growth, hair loss, thinning hair. Whatever the name and the characteristics of the condition are, one thing is certain—you don’t want any of it. Unfortunately, the “if wishes were horses” scenario may play out for you. It gets worse when the shampoo and dye commercials […]

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Biotin For Hair Loss : The Magical Solution

Biotin for hair loss

Biotin has been a really popular treatment for skin complaints. Many people purchase it purely for stretchmark’s and scares, something it helps with tremendously. It’s also used to help treat people with bad nails and fungal infections within the toe, something that’s very relevant for those who suffer with hair loss or Alopecia. The main […]

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What Causes Hair Loss : Alopecia Linked to Thyroid Disease

What causes hair loss

It is remarkable how one simple, almost unnoticeable part of our body can affect our whole being when its normal functioning is disturbed. Much has been said as to how thyroid disease can initiate hair loss to those who suffer from it. There had also been many other evidences and studies that prove this, which is […]

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The Best Vitamins For Hair Growth – Get Your Hair Back

Best hair growth vitamins

Losing your hair is one of the most embarrassing, sad, and unfortunate parts of growing up for some men. I know those feelings firsthand. I started losing my hair at 25. By the time I was 35 I was nearly bald. I remember thinking back at that age how different my life had been when […]

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