Does Rogaine Work? Rogaine Video Testimonial Review.

Does Rogaine Work

Are you wondering – Does Rogaine work for hair loss? Yes, I can tell you with 100% certainty that Rogaine does work! Rogaine is probably the most popular hair loss product on the market today. The product has some of the most amazing reviews on Amazon (Check it out HERE).

Does Rogaine Work?

The active ingredient in Rogaine is a chemical called Minoxidil. Nobody is 100% sure how Minoxidil works exactly (but it does!). One leading theory is that the chemical improves hair follicle functioning, by dilating the blood vessels in your scalp. This in turns stimulates the hair to regrow.

If the idea of using chemicals on your hair fills you with dread, please check out my popular article on how I regrew my hair completely naturally.

Rogaine Video Testimonial

Check out this genuine video testimonial by a young man who found that his hair loss was starting at just 19. It only took about 6 months to regrow his hair using Rogaine.

Important information for using Rogaine

  1. Consistency in using Rogaine is the only way to ensure that the product works effectively. I recommend that you use the product twice a day, EVERY day. Unfortunately, if you stop using it the hair loss will restart. Therefore, you must continue to use Rogaine on a daily basis to see the results.
  2. It is not advisable to use Rogaine if you have a red and irritated scalp. The reason is that if your scalp is in this condition, your body will be able to absorb a far greater amount of the Minoxidil. This is obviously not good for you!
  3. Be aware that you may actually lose some more hair when you initially start using Rogaine. Does Rogaine work? YES, it does work but you WILL lose more hair when you start using it, but it will grow back nicer and thicker than before!
  4. Rogaine must be used exactly as directed on the package. Trying to speed up the process by using more than recommended will NOT work.
  5. Does Rogaine work? You will see it working within about 4 months! Be sure to look very carefully because sometimes the new hair is very soft and barely visible. However, with further treatment you will start to see massive improvements with time.


So does Rogaine work for growing hair back? Yes it does, provided you follow the instructions and that the cause of your hair loss is male pattern baldness. Myself and many others owe our thick beautiful hair to this fantastic product! If you really want to rapidly tackle your hair loss, I suggest you try Extra Strength Rogaine (It has many excellent customer reviews at Amazon – check it out HERE).

I hope that this short article and testimonial helps you to decide if Rogaine is for you. If you need more advice, please feel free to ask or comment below.