DS Laboratories Revita Review

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4.1/5 on December 2, 2016

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A very important newcomer to the hair loss industry and one that should shake things up a bit. Amino Acids and Peptides are obviously a powerful combination! We loved the price and loved the speedy hair growth in month 5 to 6 too.

DS Laboratories are a newcomer to the hair loss industry. They do have a reputation in high-quality cosmetics, so we quite high hopes for this treatment.

The main active ingredients in Revita Shampoo, are a blend of peptides and amino acids. These are the main building blocks of healthy hair and should help Revita shampoo build a healthy head of hair.

DS Laboratories have also included Tea Tree Oil within the compound. We found Tea Tree Oil to be high effective, so any man-made shampoo should be pretty good if it can include the benefits of Tea Tree Oil plus amino acids.

I am also quite excited to test a product that makes use of peptides. These miracle proteins are used quite extensively in the high-quality cosmetics industry, how they translate into the hair loss shampoo remains to be seen.

How Does DS Laboratories Shampoo Work?

There are quite many active ingredients in Revita shampoo, yet the main benefits boil down to 4 main improvements to your hair:

  • Peptides – Peptides is a special protein that helps to nourish and rebuild your hair. This is something that takes place after your new growth has shown its first roots.
  • Disease control – Tea Tree Oil is a natural fungicide which makes it useful for treating scalp conditions. A healthy scalp is the bedrock for future hair growth so the inclusion of Tea Tree Oil in the shampoo is a good choice.
  • Amino Acids – Help to form the building blocks of new hair growth and ensure that any new follicles are healthy and strong. This is something many hair loss treatments miss yet it’s quite important!
  • Moisturising – DS Laboratories Shampoo has an active moisturiser included in the shampoo, helping your scalp and hair remain full of life and well protected from harsh pollution and daily life.


The main ingredient I am interested in is the peptide and amino acid complex. This could provide quite quick growth after the initial scalp repair period. I am hoping to see strong growth in the months leading up to the end of my 6-month test.

DS Laboratories Revita Review And Test

I test all our hair loss review products for 6 months, mostly with regular readers of mine. This is to give shampoos and good chance to make a real life impact and is also quite scientific, we’ve always found that hair doesn’t begin to grow back properly for about 3 months.

This makes our 6 months’ test comprehensive.

I chose a candidate for our review, Peter from Atlantic City who works at a lawyer firm.

To apply the shampoo, we followed the instruction and ensured that Peter understood exactly how to carry out the treatment at home, an important part of the review.

I inspected Peter’s hair and made a note of infections or scalp complaints that might have an impact of the study.

Progress During The Review

In month one, Peter’s scalp changed from a rather scarred and infected hair bed to one that was healthy and ready to grow new hair. This was important for us, as DR Laboratories make a number of claims about the amino acid complex found in the shampoo.

We wanted to see if Revita Shampoo had the chops to treat scalp conditions quickly and lay the foundation for a healthy hair growth.

In month 2 and three, Peter began to grow a fresh head of hair. Slowly at first and completely natural for people who are being treated for Alopecia, his hair only grew at 2mm in month 3 and another 1mm in month 4.

Still, the resultant hair growth was strong, healthy and looked well moisturised. We were impressed by the speed of hair re-growth and could see that within 6 to 10 months Peter would have a healthy hair bed.

In month 5, something quite shocking happened, Peter’s hair began to grow at completely normal levels. I’m not talking normal for Alopecia sufferers either; I mean normal for a 25-year-old!

Peter reported hair growth of 6mm in month 5, something we put down to the Amino Acid and Peptide complex found in DS Laboratory Shampoo. It certainly has had an effect on Peter’s hair.

We also found that the hair that had grown was incredibly strong and full of life. We assume that because Amino Acids are the building blocks of all living tissue, the fact Peter’s hair has had access to so much means his hair is growing perfectly!

6 Months Later – The Results

After 6 months, Peter reported another 5mm of growth and a pretty full head of hair. Although Peter hasn’t required a hair cut yet, one is certainly on the horizon and this is going to be a huge day for a guy that hasn’t needed one of over 5 years!

Scalp health is perfect, free of disease and no dandruff to be found, while Peter’s hair is full of life, moisturised and unbelievably strong.

I really love the idea of including Amino Acids and Peptides in a hair loss treatment shampoo. It’s obviously working wonders and Peter’s hair is the best proof of that possible.