Hairgenics Pronexa Hair Loss Therapy Conditioner Review

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5/5 on April 29, 2017

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Pronexa is probably the best conditioner for hair loss that you can buy. The ingredients are all well known to promote hair growth and are all natural, with no side effects reported. Highly recommended!

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Pronexa Hair Loss Therapy Conditioner is a really great find (thanks to my wife for finding this amazingly high rated hair loss conditioner). This Pronexa hair loss conditioner review details some of the most exciting properties and ingredients in the product. If you are looking for the best conditioner for hair loss then Pronexa Hair Loss Therapy Conditioner is worth your time.

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Hairgenics Hair Loss Products – Best Conditioner for Hair Loss ?

Hairgenics is a relatively new company in the hair loss product industry. However, it seems that they are making some serious waves in the industry, with best rated shampoos, conditioners and supplements to treat hair loss.  Hairgenics manufactures high end but affordable hair loss treatment products that are sold on their website and on Amazon.

What is in Pronexa Hair Loss Conditioner?

I love that Pronexa contains all natural ingredients (USDA certified organic ingredients) and is free of Sulfate. This is very encouraging because it tells me that this product is authentic. Using a sulfate-free shampoo is important because products containing Sulfate can strip the oil from the hair, or remove hair dye, and typically leave the hair dry and damaged. Obviously if you are trying to restore hair, it is preferable to use the best conditioner possible. By using a Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, you will maximize your chance of restoring hair growth and preventing further damage/loss. Here is just some of the benefits of using a Sulfate-free hair loss product (such as the Pronexa Hair Loss Conditioner):

  1. Less chance of irritating your scalp.
  2. It helps the hair to retain moisture.
  3. Helps the hair to keep its natural oils.
  4. Sulfate can eventually be absorbed through the scalp and into the liver. This can create some severe hormonal problems in some people.

Ingredients in Pronexa for Hair Regrowth

Pronexa Hair Loss Conditioner contains many ingredients that I know to be very effective for stimulating hair growth. Whenever I see that a hair loss shampoo or conditioner contains Biotin, I get very excited. I have had personal success using Biotin to restore my hair, therefore I am a huge advocate for the chemical. Pronexa Hair Loss Conditioner contains Biotin levels that have been scientifically proven to massively promote hair growth. All of the ingredients below contribute to making the Pronexa conditioner the best conditioner for hair loss.

Biotin – this compound has so many health benefits! Please check out my review article all about biotin and the ‘miracle’ effects on hair growth that we showed in a 6 month long test.

Keratin – is a protein that is found in your hair strands. It protects the epithelial cells from damage. It is well known to help with hair growth and strengthen the hair strands.

Saw Palmetto Extract – this is from a plant that was used to heal many health ailments by the Native Americans. It is well known to inhibit the production of DHT (the usual cause of hair loss) and stop hair loss.

Silk Proteins – this ingredient does not effect hair growth but rather it forms a barrier around the strands to protect them. It is really good at improving the shine and overall healthy look of your hair.

Marine Proteins for hair growth  – Studies have shown that this amazing protein can dramatically improve hair density in patients. It is all natural, comprising of proteins from marine animals.

Best Conditioner for hair loss


What is the Most Common Product Complaint ?

I scoured the internet for the MOST NEGATIVE reviews of the Pronexa Hair loss conditioner. Thats right – I think it is very important that I point you towards the worst case scenario reviews (Check out the most critical review here). This way you can make sure that Pronexa conditioner is the right choice for you. I read the top critical review and I actually thought it was a joke! They are complaining that the pump does not work efficiently. It seems that the conditioner is a little too thick for the pump to work properly. I know that for me, if a product that is suppose to regrow my hair and has thousands of 5 star reviews for this function, I don’t care if i have to pump the output a little bit! Despite the pump problems, it is clear that this Hairgenics makes the best conditioner for hair loss.


Pronexa is in my opinion the best conditioner for hair loss that you can buy. The ingredients are all well known to promote hair growth and are all natural, with no side effects reported. Highly recommended! The price is very fair and I could not find any user reviews that suggested any severely negative side effects.