How to Stop Hair Loss for Men and Women

How to stop hair loss
Hair loss

How to stop hair loss? This question is asked on a daily basis by millions of men and women across globe. The statistics are sobering – 40% of males will suffer significant hair loss by the age of 35. By the age of 60, this number rises to over 65%. At age 80, a staggering 80% of men will be suffering from hair loss. The FDA has approved some fantastic products (Check out the best FDA approved product here) that stops hair loss and regrows hair.

How to stop hair loss

Women Also Suffer Hair Loss

Hair loss is not limited to just men. Unfortunately, 50% of women will suffer significant hair loss during their lifetime. Hair loss in women is particularly traumatic as there is more social stigma associated with the condition in women. Studies have shown that men are more than twice as likely to seek surgical hair restoration procedures than women. Women are much more likely than men to try non-surgical methods to restore hair growth. A study showed that women rate their hair loss as the worst possible body condition for reducing their appeal to men.

How to Stop Hair Loss? People Will Give Up Sex For a Solution!

Hair loss is devastating to the average person. A study showed that 30% of people would be willing to give up having sex in exchange for getting their hair back! Now that is dedication! Another study showed that about half of hair loss sufferers would gladly spend their entire life savings in the pursuit to restore their hair. Studies have shown that 60% of people who have severe hair loss would rather have more hair than more friends or wealth. These people would literally pay ANYTHING to find out how to stop hair loss and regrow their flowing locks.

British Men Are The Most Negative about Hair Loss

  • British men suffer the most hair loss in Europe but they are also the least likely to do anything about it
  • British men just don’t believe that they can learn how to stop hair loss. A survey showed that 75% of British men believe that hair loss cannot be stopped or reversed.
  • 87% of British men don’t know that there is products available that are scientifically proven to regrow hair. This is a real shame because there is so many great proven products on the market. For example one of the best FDA approved products for regrowing hair can be tried for FREE.

The belief that hair loss is permanent is just not true. This website is filled with dozens of methods and products that have been proven to be effective in stopping hair loss and regrowing hair. It is really a shame that so many people are needlessly suffering with this condition.

I hope that the statistics that I have shared will help you realize that you are not alone in your search for the solution on how to stop hair loss.