Jojoba Oil For Hair Loss – The Perfect Natural Solution For Your Hair

Jojoba oil for hair loss
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Long, short, light or dark – everyone loves their hair and with a cosmetic and hairdresser industry valued in the billions of dollars a year; there’s no end to the love we have for curly locks!

However, if you don’t have any hair, or are suffering from hair loss right now things can look very different. You might feel less attractive or just not feel like you fit into a world where a lovely mop of thick hair signifies youth and vitality!

Jojoba Oil Can Help

There are many essential oils that can be used to promote the growth of new hair follicles and Jojoba is probably one of the best. It doesn’t smell too much and it’s a great alternative to Coconut oil or CedarWood oil.

If you feel your hair isn’t thick enough, or you’ve noticed hair loss slowly happening to your scalp, then Jojoba Oil can help you maintain what hair you have and slowly regrow new follicles too.

It does this in a few unique ways:

  • It cures infection – If your hair loss started with a bacterial or fungal infection, then Jojoba Oil can help by clearing this underlying issue and laying the foundation for future hair growth.
  • It’s a skin cleanser and conditioner – To start re-growing your hair, it’s vital to begin with a healthy and clear scalp. Scaring, infection and skin issues are never going to allow healthy hair growth, so it makes sense to start with the basics first. Jojoba Oil has a high moisture content and also stimulates the blood supply to the pores. This ensures your skin is in A1 condition ready to grow that mop of fabulous hair!
  • It naturally thickens hair – Some of the active proteins in Jojoba Oil actively thicken hair, making what you do have to look fuller with more volume. This is a great “quick win” when dealing with long-term hair loss.
  • People have been using jojoba oil for hair loss for decades – Being a natural and essential oil, Jojoba Oil is very much like Tea Tree Oil in the way it stimulates the blood supply to your scalp. Yet is goes much further than this with the fact it actively stimulates your hair follicles into action too. This creates a types of “growth state” where your hair will only want to do one thing, grow!

Best Jojoba Oil To Fight Hair Loss

Organic Jojoba Oil


After testing a few of them, I came to the conclusion that the best Jojoba Oil is made from ArtNaturals. It is a 100% pure virgin, cold pressed oil and always of excellent quality.


How to Use Jojoba Oil For Hair Loss

The most popular way to use Jojoba Oil for hair loss is to mix it with some Lavender Oil or Olive Oil. This has a number of handy side benefits that the Jojoba Oil doesn’t have on its own.

  • It halts the production of DHT – DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone it’s known to the scientific community, is a type of testosterone that’s been linked to hair loss and male pattern baldness. Olive Oil halts the production of this hormone and can help avoid future hair loss.
  • Lavender Oil – One of the things that cause hair loss is stress. Lavender Oil can help combat stress and also promote a healthy night’s sleep. Sounds daft yet it’s certainly something you should consider.
  • Baby Oil – By mixing your Jojoba Oil with baby oil you can pack more moisture into your hair and help combat a dry scalp far quicker. Of course, if your issue is mainly with infection you’ll not want to do this, but baby oil is a must use if you’re suffering from dry skin.

How Can I Mix My Oils?

By mixing Jojoba Oil with Lavender water and putting it in a glass eye dropper bottle, you can apply Jojoba Oil to your hair each day without too much fuss.

Boston Round Glass Bottle


The benefit of using Jojoba Oil for hair growth is you’ll likely use less per week and your bottle of Jojoba Oil will go that much further. Of course, you’ll need to buy a bottle to do this but one can be picked up on Amazon quite cheaply!


How Do I Massage My Scalp?

Take a small amount and literally, massage it directly into your scalp. You’ll need to use a small amount on each section of your scalp and slowly rub it deep into the hair follicles and across the scalp.

Most people agree that this is the most direct and straightforward way to apply Jojoba Oil to your hair. It’s also the way that could yield results much quicker.

A Good Alternative? A Solid Shampoo

Gold Label Hair Growth Shampoocheck-availability-and-price-at-amazon-buttonThere is one hair regrowth shampoo from Nourish Beaute that contains Jojoba oil that I would recommend as it works great. Nourish Beaute shampoo is also great if your scalp is suffering from an infection such as dandruff or fungal / bacterial skin complaint. By treating the underlying condition, you’ll have a scalp in excellent condition with which to grow a lovely mop of healthy hair on top!


However, you decide to administer Jojoba Oil to promote hair growth, be sure to choose a pure form or Jojoba Oil and try to avoid anything that’s mixed with chemicals. Jojoba is one of nature’s wonder oils, so it’s always a shame to mix it with any kind of chemicals!

Be sure to take your time during treatment, as any form of hair loss program takes a good 6 – 12 months to go from fully balding to hair regrowth and ultimately, a new head of hair ready to be cut!