Male Pattern Baldness Cure – Is There Hope?

Male Pattern Baldness Cure

Male Pattern Baldness Cure

Male Pattern Baldness is a hair loss condition that is also called Androgenetic Alopecia. Despite it being called ‘Male Pattern Baldness’ it does affect females as well as males! The search for a male pattern baldness cure is intense and many solutions are already out there (Check out how I regrew my hair naturally).

Mental Suffering from Hair Loss

I know first hand just how hard it can be to deal with hair loss. During my mental suffering (my self image was terrible) and search for a male pattern baldness cure, I found videos such as the one below to be exceptionally helpful! The comfort that I got from seeing someone else regrow their hair (with video proof) was invaluable to me.  In the case of hair loss the saying that ‘you don’t miss it until its gone’ is so very true. Not everyone is bothered by hair loss but those that are, describe themselves as ‘utterly miserable’. Research has shown that quality of life is greatly reduced for the men and women that are suffering from hair loss. I know i felt much older and my self-confidence was massively reduced.

I haven’t tried the product discussed in the video. I would be very wary of using something that is not natural (side effects can be severe) though. However, it is a great video for inspirational purposes! Always remember that millions of people in the USA are going through this hard time with hair loss as well. Never believe that nothing can be done – just read this site for success stories like the one in the video below!

Male Pattern Baldness Cure – Myth or Reality?

Let me set the record straight – Baldness cures DO exist (they were developed as early as the 1970’s). The hard bit is finding a baldness cure that works for YOU and does not cause any nasty side effects. The side effects of conventional medical hair loss drugs can be permanent and pretty severe – this is why I have written this site – to promote natural alternative solutions. Sexual dysfunction has been reported as a side effect to conventional hair loss medication. Before you purchase a medication please look through my natural product reviews and give them a try before risking the medication side effects. Just remember that some people have reported PERMANENT side effects from the drugs. The success rate in restoring hair is about 40% for  conventional hair loss drugs.

But not so fast! When I said that baldness cures exist, it depends on your expectations! Only two conventional medications are readily available and approved:

  1. Finasteride (Propecia)
  2. Minoxidil (Rogaine)

Neither of the above hair loss cures will regrow hair on a completely bald area of your scalp. Additionally, they usually lose effectiveness after 1-3 years. If you manage to stay with them long enough to get to that point…

The Future for Male Pattern Baldness Research

The research that is currently available on male pattern baldness cures is mixed and controversial at best. My goal with this website is to bring you natural, safe and effective alternative treatments that you can try. As a long time hair loss sufferer, I will continue to research, publish the latest work and keep you up to date with all the latest news on baldness cures. Lets keep our fingers crossed that a male pattern baldness cure that has so side effects and a high success rate is developed soon!