Is Olive Oil Good For Hair Loss?

Olive oil for hair loss
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Hair loss or alopecia is generally a hereditary condition, caused by genes or old age. For most people it’s an emotional condition because of the link between healthy hair and youth, losing hair is sometimes a sign than you’re “getting old”.

Of course, it’s not all about getting old. Other things that cause hair loss are stress, anxiety, thyroid issues and occasionally poor diet or frequent colouring of the hair.

Most people who suffer from hair loss try to discover cures for it. Sometimes this leads to using quite powerful chemicals and serums that can occasionally do more harm than good.

What people don’t realise is that the natural remedies are often better for you than anything man-made. At the top of this list are things like Cedar Wood oil, Tea Tree oil, Coconut Oil and Jojoba oil, yet there’s one that also helps to combat the effects of alopecia too.

Quality of the Oil is Important

This is a huge thing when purchasing Olive Oil, as many brands are not particularly pure and can contain impurities that won’t do your hair any good at all.

The best type of Olive Oil to buy is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This is the oil produced quite early on during the year and is almost always never adulterated. This is because the underlying oil is pure and clean tasting as it is, no human intervention required!

It’s also worth trying to mix up Olive Oil with other types too. Almond Oil possess many of the qualities of Olive Oil, save for the Dihydrotestosterone reducing benefits.

By mixing different oils you can get the benefit from many different types of oil and boost your hairs health dramatically. You’ll also save a little money too (Good Olive Oil can be expensive) and reduce your consumption of it.

We’ve searched the internet for great deals on Olive Oil, making sure that the provenance of the oil was perfect too. We discovered Extra Virgin Olive Oil to be the best. It’s not the cheapest, however, it’s the purest we could find and we have great faith in the Californian Olive Oil industry, it’s one of the world’s greatest regions for producing quality oil.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair Loss

Olive oil takes a slightly different path to preventing hair loss than other essential oils. It works by halting the production of Dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that’s links been directly linked to hair loss in older men.

Dihydrotestosterone works by gradually weakening the hair shaft, eventually causing the follicle to literally fall out and not be replaced by new growth.

Other benefits of Olive Oil for hair loss are the fact it can halt the damage caused by head lice, dandruff and fungal scalp infections. It does this by restoring the moisture balance in the hair and bringing back the natural resistance to infection that your hair / scalp can be missing.

How to Use Olive Oil for Hair Loss

By far the best way to use olive oil for hair loss is to physically massage the oil directly to your hair. Olive Oil can be quite greasy so it’s best to do this when you’re at home and have a few hours to leave it applied.

Take a small amount of Olive Oil, and massage it slowly into the scalp and lower hair follicles, covering the entire scalp. Don’t use too much with each application, working the oil in rather than trying to saturate your head.

After a few hours of leaving the oil in your hair, use a gentle hair growth shampoo and conditioner to remove the oil. Try not to leave any shampoo or conditioner in your hair for too long and avoid “roughing up” your hair when towel drying.

Another way to apply the oil, is to mix it with a beaten up egg yolk. Apply one tablespoon of olive oil for every yoke you use, no more than 3 should be required.

Egg yolks are amazing sources of vitamin A, D, E and other proteins such as Lecithin B. These are wonderful for both skin and hair, packing in as much good stuff whilst you have the opportunity.

Apply the fine paste to your hair and massage just as you would with oil. Evenly apply the serum to your scalp and slowly work it well into the hair roots.

Try to leave the mix in your hair for a few hours but be warned, egg is difficult to wash off once dry (The Olive Oil does keep it damp though) so schedule a shower after your treatment and use a small amount of shampoo to remove the paste from your scalp.

Once again, try to use a hair growth shampoo and conditioner and try to choose a brand that’s simple in its ingredient list. Keep away from shampoos and conditioners that have too many harsh chemicals in them.

Looking After Your Hair? Olive Oil Is Where It’s at!

A healthy head of hair is important for most people, especially if they’ve been touched by the effects of alopecia or age related hair loss. After all the harsh chemicals, lotions and conditioners that cosmetic companies make, the natural remedies are widely seen as the best and we hope you’ll witness the beneficial effect as you try your own treatment regime!

If you’re already trying other essential oils such as Tea Tree, Jojoba or others, then adding Olive Oil to your hair care plan is a great idea. It’s the only oil that actively works against the effects of Dihydrotestosterone and blocks this damaging hormone from causing hair loss. It also provides a moisturising effect and helps to cure head lice and other medical conditions.

If you do decide to buy Olive Oil to treat your hair loss, (And why wouldn’t you?) then make sure you choose a good brand and always go for Extra Virgin Olive Oil.