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4.6/5 on December 2, 2016

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A fast, clean and efficient treatment that will likely suit men who want to cure their hair loss without fuss or bother. I loved the speed at which Phytoworx re-grew Peter's hair and couldn’t believe that results would be assessable under the 6-month mark.

If you’re looking for a hair loss and re-growth product that works, you have a lot of research to carry out! There are hundreds of products on the market and while many of them do work, some are useless! Before reading our review, please be sure to pop over to Amazon to check out the incredible user reviews of Phytoworx stems cell Shampoo.

Thankfully, helped by my readers, I spend most of our editorial time conducting 6-month tests of popular hair repair and re-growth products to try and discover which one’s work and more importantly, the ones that don’t!

Phytoworx has been a cosmetic and hair growth company for many years now. They have a range of shampoos and serums all designed to help those who are suffering from hair loss.

Peter, one of my daily readers, decided to give their latest product, Phytoworx stems cell shampoo the full review treatment and test it for 6 months to see what the results will be.

How Does Phytoworx Shampoo Work?

This is where the man-made chemical shampoos and essential oil brands typical diverge. Phytoworx helps the Alopecia sufferer in an entirely different way to natural oils.

Phytoworx is packed with stem cells, for those who regularly keep up with science and medicine, these cells are very exciting news for those looking to rebuild and repair damaged tissue.

They work by providing a frame for new cell growth to attach to the hair follicle, allowing new growth where once there wouldn’t have been any hope.

Stem cells are also an excellent way to repair and protect the scalp, helping skin cells to regenerate and produce the foundation for a healthy mop of hair. As anyone who has researched hair loss will tell you, the scalp is ground zero for any re-growth plan and needs to be disease free before any new growth can occur.

Phytoworx Shampoo Review

Peter - First Month

Peter – before using Phytoworx shampoo

To test this new product, Peter – my candidate – had been suffering age-related hair loss for about 8 years. Peter, a Civil Works director from Paterson in New Jersey, had been suffering for quite some time and now had parts of his scalp fully visible to the naked eye.

To begin, we followed the instructions by creating a treatment plan that worked with the number of times a week Phytoworx suggest to use the shampoo. We have also added a daily head massage as well as vitamins supplements to the experiment in hopes of better and faster results.

I then allowed Peter to use the product, asking him to give us weekly updates and see how his hair growth was progressing.

Progress During The Test

One thing Peter noticed straight away, was how quickly this product began to work! He saw very early shoot of growth after just 2 weeks, while we started to notice very definite signs of repair and re-growth after 4.

Fast forward 3 months into the treatment. Peter compared his hair with his historical photographs taken at the start of treatment and was astounded.

Even at this early stage, Peter has what I would consider “full hair.” That means no sign of baldness or symptoms of age-related Alopecia, none at all!

I had never seen this speed of recovery before so I asked Peter to give me updates on a fortnightly basis; I wanted to see if the growth kept up its pace.

At the 4-month mark, Peter did notice a slowing of growth, nothing too detrimental but we would argue that Peters’ hair was beginning to show signs of “normal” growth for someone treating age-related hair loss.

Peter - Month 8

Peter – Month #8

Into month 5, Peter had re-grown his hair to the level he had it when in his 20’s, something he felt he would never see again. At this point, we called the review a complete early success, something we rarely do as most treatments need a good 6 months to work properly.


Even so, I asked for Peter to contact me when he went for his first haircut. He finally went for a trim after 8 and a half months, not bad for a guy who was heavily balding at the start!

To go from quite severe and late stage male pattern baldness to “cured” in under 9 months was something I hadn’t counted on. I had read positive reviews online and by talking with Dermatologists, yet I couldn’t have predicted such quick results.

8 Months Later – The Results

Even though Peter was very happy by month 5, I still waited to do the final review.

At 8 months mark, Peters hair was back to its youthful ways. A full head of hair, healthy scalp and absolutely no dandruff or dermatitis to be found.

I felt that Phytoworx must have mad some essential oil element to it, as the product appeared to show all the benefits of a man-made substance with something like stem cells inside, plus the benefits of an essential oil treatment too.

Peter and I were very impressed with the general speed of the treatment, having pretty much cured his hair loss in 5 months. That’s worth the price tag in itself!

Given the extremely fast treatment time and the fact the stem cell ingredients apparently work very well, this treatment could well become the best buy over time.

We couldn’t find any fault with this product at all. It’s fast, clean and offers a multitude of benefits without much drawback. This sums up my Phytoworx shampoo review. You will find the best discounted prices available for the Phytoworx Shampoo right here.