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4.6/5 on December 2, 2016

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A quality product that really does work quickly and effectively. We loved the fact the DHT is so quick to slow down male pattern baldness and also were really excited about the price. The Pura D’or shampoo was easy to use with no more fuss than standard shampoo, easy for use in the shower of bath.

Pura D’or hair loss shampoo is a relative newcomer to the Alopecia prevention and cure industry. It’s based on Argan Oil, an already well known essential oil that has been used to treat hair loss for hundreds of years. Argan Oil works by replenishing the scalp and repairing any damage caused by fungal or bacterial infection. It then works to “shock” the hair follicles and boost blood supply to the affected area, helping your hair push new growth again. I’ve wanted to give this oil a test drive for quite some time now as it promises all the benefits of Argan Oil with some rather tricky ingredients such as Vitamin B complex, nettle extract, and a rather exciting DHT blocker. For those of you who don’t know, DHT stands for Dihydrotestosterone, a powerful metabolite that’s part of the testosterone family. Along with thyroid issues, It’s one of the primary cause of male pattern baldness and age-related Alopecia. So for a product to claim that it blocks DHT is very excited news. This could be a product that halts hair loss in its tracks at least!

How Does Pura D’or Work?

Put simply, it’s main ingredients work in the early stages of scalp repair and then moves on to help hair grow back stronger than ever. Look at all the reviews for this best selling product!

  • Argan Oil Moisturizes – Argan Oil is a powerful moisturizer and also packed with proteins that feed hair as it grows. Many popular cosmetic treatments use Argan Oil as the main ingredient, including Pura D’or.
  • It fights disease – Argan Oil is a natural anti fungal and bacterial compound. This means that any infection or dry skin issues within your scalp are treated. This is of vital importance as hair just won’t grow if your scalp is in a bad condition.
  • DHT Blocker – Pura D’or also features a blocker for the metabolite This means that sufferers of male pattern baldness can halt the condition on the first use. Helping your body stop losing hair and move towards hair re-growth quicker.

I have a feeling that the combination of Argan Oil plus a chemical compound to block DHT could be a huge deal if you’re suffering from age-related hair loss.

Pura D’or Shampoo Review: Our Test

We tested Pura D’or over the space of 6 months. We chose a candidate, a long-time reader, Paul from Edison who’s a 46-year-old Accountant. Paul has suffered from male pattern baldness for about 16 years and was eager to try anything that might help repair and rebuild his hair. We’ve tested many products over the years, so it was interesting to see how it stacked up against natural products like Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil, plus more modern treatments like Phytoworx and PRI Shampoo.

To apply Pura D’or, Paul simply followed the instruction and used it to shampoo his hair. To help out with the treatment, I also asked Paul to used Pura D’or Conditioner along with necessary vitamins supplement – we like the one from Hair essentials. The products advise using it a few times a week, so I worked out a treatment day plan for Paul and ensured he knew how to apply the product correctly at home. For me, home treatment reviews are so important.

One top piece of advice I would give – always read the instructions and follow them. In the case of this treatments, I would advice massaging the shampoo directly to the hair before washing it out as it also helps with blood circulation.

Progress During The Review

The first thing Paul noticed in week 1, was the fact his hair loss stopped. This is an unbelievably quick turn-around time and almost unbelievable.

I decided to check Paul’s hair thoroughly after the first week and compare it to our first inspection at the start of the trial. Sure enough, Paul’s hair hadn’t loss any follicles at all. I also saw a decrease in dandruff on Paul’s hair, something that always needs to be treated before new hair growth can occur. Fungal and bacterial infections are a huge cause of male hair loss. As far as new hair growth, we had to wait 8 weeks to see anything concrete. Just after the 2-month mark, we did see some definite new growth and a filling in of Paul’s trademark balding around the crown area.

I saw Paul next at the 12 weeks mark, roughly half way through our trial. What we saw was pretty amazing and puts Pura D’or on top of my list for treating hair loss. Paul’s hair had started growing back in Ernest, filling in his crown area with a thick layer of hair and also decreasing the amount of receding hair around the formed.

6 Months Later – The Results

At the 6-month mark, I was extremely impressed and Paul was overjoyed! His hair had completely grown back and had been fully grown for a solid month before! This is truly astounding and much quicker than many other natural remedies. Paul’s hair is now fully thick and full of life. Any symptoms of Alopecia or baldness are completely gone now and Paul looks a good 10 years younger as a result.

That’s a win by any standard!

One thing that amazes me too is the fact the price of Pura D’or hair loss shampoo is so low (Get it for the best discounted price here). This treatment is far cheaper than the competition. At this point, I’ve had to think of a drawback to this product and I’m not sure there is one. It’s essentially Argan Oil on steroids and it’s obvious the DHT blocker and vitamin supplements are boosting the power Pura D’or.

This hair loss treatment could offer strong competition to other market brands like Green Touch or Ultrax shampoo. I highly recommend this hair loss product.