Ultrax Labs Hair Solace Caffeine Hair Loss and Hair Growth Conditioner

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Ultrax Labs Hair Loss Conditioner is the hottest caffeine based conditioner on the market that REALLY works. We highly recommend this product, especially as an additional product in your hair growth arsenal. In our experience this is the best hair loss conditioner available and the softness of the hair after use is simply amazing.

Hair Solace the Best Conditioner for Hair Loss

Ultrax Labs Hair Solace Hair Loss Conditioner is a fascinating and unique product. Why? Because it contains caffeine as the key ingredient. We have all used caffeine in our morning cup of coffee to give us that much needed boost of energy, however it is only recently that caffeine has been shown to regrow hair and prevent hair loss. Sounds crazy? We thought so! However, given the thousands of overwhelmingly positive user reviews , we decided to buy Ultrax Labs Hair Solace Conditioner and carefully test it to see for ourselves.

Caffeine for Hair Growth – The Best Conditioner for Hair Loss ?

Caffeine is a naturally occurring compound that is found in many plants. In 2015 an experiment was carried out in Germany that showed caffeine could be used to increase hair growth. Ever since these pioneering experiments, many hair loss shampoos and conditioners have used caffeine as a key ingredient.  Caffeine works to regrow hair by stimulating the blood flow to the scalp. Because of this significant effect of caffeine on the scalp and hair follicles, hair loss can be stopped by massaging a caffeine based conditioner into the scalp. Apparently even a strong coffee mixture can be used effectively! We have not tested this yet though!

best conditioner for hair loss

Is caffeine the best conditioner for hair loss? Yes, According to the verified buyer reviews on Amazon!

Does Ultrax Labs Hair Solace Work?

To get the same hair growth effect as Hair Solace Conditioner you would need to drink 40-50 cups of coffee! That is way above the healthy recommended number of cups of coffee per day. I have used the Hair Solace Conditioner for 3 months now. I used it every day as recommended by the manufacturer, after I washed my hair with my usual shampoo. I am very impressed with Ultrax Labs Hair Solace Conditoner, it does indeed leave my hair feeling smooth, soft and very healthy. A good conditioner is vital when you are trying to stop hair loss or regrow your hair. Many of the products that are useful for hair loss, unfortunately do leave your hair dry and looking unhealthy.

What makes Hair Solace the best conditioner for hair loss sufferers is that the formula is a secret mix of caffeine, Eucalyptus and Chamomile Recutitta. All of these ingredients have been proven to slow down hair loss, stimulate hair growth and produce very healthy hair.

My Experience with Ultrax Labs Solace Hair Conditioner

I loved using this hair product. Despite the fact that I have relatively healthy hair from years of using different hair care products, Hair Solace still had a noticeable effect on the quality of my hair. After a few weeks of using it daily, I noticed that my hair looked thicker and was soooo soft! My wife can’t stop running her hands through my hair! For me this transformation did take a few weeks (however other verified reviewers on amazon claim that even after the first use they noticed a huge difference!). I suspect that my experience with hair products and my relatively healthy hair made the treatment less effective than those people with a worse baseline condition. I love the softness that this product has produced and I will be continuing to use it. As for the hair loss reduction effects that this product is known for, my hair is currently not shedding, so unfortunately I have not personally been able to verify the effectiveness. I have managed to find some testimonials and videos for you that will hopefully give you confidence in this products ability to stop hair loss. I do advise using it inconjunction with a good natural hair loss shampoo though (e.g Phytoworx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo).

Results from using Ultrax Labs Solace Hair Conditioner

Hair Solace Conditioner

Hair Solace Conditioner – A verified reviewer displays her freshly grown hair after just one month of using the product.


Many users (such as the girl pictured) have reported excellent hair growth from using Ultrax Labs Solace Hair Growth Conditioner. Sometimes the results took just one week to be noticeable. Despite this shampoo being aimed at more high end shoppers, I was not able to find any complaints about the cost – they even offer a money back guarantee, which is nice to see.

Check out the best available price on Amazon!

From my extensive reviewer research it seems that the Ultrax Labs Solace is considered THE best conditioner for hair loss. Hair growth does take time and of course this is reflected in the user reviews. Many of the reviewers that I have found have suggested using the conditioner in conjunction with Ultrax Labs Hair Surge, their own caffeine based shampoo. I will be doing a careful review of the hair surge shampoo very shortly as it has some fantastic user reviews.

Solace hair review

A happy reviewer shows off her thick newly regrown hair thanks to the consistent use of Ultrax Labs Solace hair conditioner.


Review Summary

My wife and I really liked the conditioning effect of the Ultrax Labs Solace Hair Growth Conditioner. My wife loved the smell and the soft hair that it created! I briefly reviewed the science regarding the effect of caffeine on the scalp for hair loss – it seems sound to me and I know that many others have reported some excellent results from using this product (e.g Hairlossrevolution.com has a nice article on this). Overall, I highly recommend giving this product a try. I hope that this Ultrax Labs Solace Hair Growth Conditioner review has helped you in your journey to finding the ultimate hair loss product that works for you.


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