Total Hair Regrowth

Total hair regrowth review

Total Hair Regrowth is a new and expert guide by author and researcher John Kelby. John has years of experience researching the causes of hair loss and more importantly, the things people can do to avoid it or even promote new growth.

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The unique thing about Johns guide, is that it’s backed up by quite unique research and makes some truly amazing claims over the time-frame to start repairing your hair.

John says you could start to see results even after 15 days, stopping further hair loss and then go on to start growing new follicles after 2 to 5 weeks.

Where Did This Program Come From?

It all came from the pen of John Kelby, a world renowned scientist and leader in the research of hair loss and the reasons why it happens. John wrote this guide due to his own struggles with hair loss as he discovered his advanced knowledge could actually help both him and millions of sufferers worldwide.

His guide has been hugely successful, selling millions of copies and many happy clients have given testimonials to the golden nuggets of information contained within this guide. The fact it’s back up by scientific discovery, is a huge boost and makes Johns guide completely unique and genuinely useful.

What Do Real People Say About This Program?

We found hundreds and hundreds of people online who had used the program to great effect. Hair loss is not just unique to men’s health either, we found plenty of women who had received great results too.

Richard Bainbridge – “I was as sceptical as they next guy when I first downloaded this guide. There are so many self-confessed gurus out there and I did worry that my money would be wasted. However, the fact John Kelby is an expert researcher with a background looking into the causes of hair loss gave me quite a bit of comfort.

It took me a solid week to read the guide, it’s so feature packed you really do need to make sure you set aside enough time to absorb all the information. Even though the book comes from a deeply scientific background, John explains everything in lay man’s English and doesn’t use technical jargon.

As for results, what can I say? I’m not going to say I’ve completely re-growth my hair back yet, but it’s well on the way and a huge improvement over what I had before. One top tip I’d give to anyone thinking of buying the book, is to think of it as a long term process, it’s taken me 6 months to get this far and I’d wager it taking another 6 to fully get my hair back on track!”

Leonardo Dsouza – “Before discovering John Kelby I had tried everything! God knows how much money I’ve spent over the years on creams, shampoos and consultants to try and get my hair back. None of them worked and as any older gentleman can understand, you begin to feel as if you’ll never get your hair back.

I’ve been using John Kelby’s program since last November and the results have been dramatic. Hair loss stopped within a week and within a month I had new growth appearing on my scalp.

Fast forward almost 6 months and my hair is completely restored. I’ve even had my first hair cut in 5 years! That was an absolutely amazing day and even though I’m ashamed to say this, I had a little cry in the morning before visiting the hair dresser!

If you’re thinking of entering Johns program and reading his guide, do it now because the longer you leave it the longer you’ll be without your hair!”

Deborah Clayton “As a woman, hair loss is something that’s just not meant to happen to you. It’s embarrassing and makes you feel less attractive and feminine. I had tried wigs and also many of the treatments available out there, although many of them are geared towards men. (It’s a lonely place suffering from female hair loss)

After 4 years of wearing wigs, suffering from the itchiness, dry scalp and heat, (The heat is unbearable in Summer) I finally plucked up the courage to try something new. I’d heard of John Kelby through his research, it’s almost impossible to not have heard his name if you’ve ever researched the subject of hair loss online, and decided to try out his Total Hair Regrowth program.

It’s been about 5 months since joining the program and I’ve gotten 90% of my hair back! Okay, it’s not quite 100% but my Doctor believes that this is due to the wigs damaging my scalp beyond repair.

Even with the damage caused by wig wearing, Johns program and guide have been very useful to me and I could never have re-grown my hair without it!

I feel womanly, attractive and back to my old self again and would recommend John Kelby and Total Hair Regrowth to anyone who is suffering, particularly women, it really works.

The Pros and Cons

As with any treatment program, there are pros and cons. For some hair loss sufferers this might not be the best way to re-grow their hair whilst for others it’s the perfect program to follow.

  1. Make Sure You Stick to The Plan – This is a huge thing as most people begin to see milestone results (Gaining 100% of their hair back, Visiting the hairdresser) after 6 months. If you want to genuinely grow your hair back, you’ll need to commit to the program and everything it says.
  2. If You’ve Suffered Scalp Damage, It May Take Longer To See The Effects – As Deborah discovered, long term wig wearing can really take a toll on your scalp. Total Hair Regrowth can still help, but be aware that it may take longer to see true 100% regrowth of your hair. Even so, just like Deborah you might still see 90% regrowth after 6 months of following the program which could be just enough to get your confidence back.
  3. It’s Relatively Easy to Follow – A big plus point to John Kelby’s program, is the fact it’s easy to follow and understand. John has tried very hard to make everything easy to digest and doesn’t use industry jargon or scientific speak to get his points across. As any academic will tell you, this can be very hard if you’re used to writing lengthy academic journals all day long!
  4. Read The Guide Back to Front – I know, when you purchase a new guide, program or book it’s tempting to flick through it quickly and get to the good stuff right? Well, with Total Hair Regrowth it’s probably not the best idea. This program is backed up by years of scientific research and it’s best to give those years of hard work the respect they deserve. Take it slow, read everything and absorb the entire book, your scalp will thank you later.
  5. Think About Why You Want Your Hair Back – Just as with weight loss, visiting the gym or any type of personal development, re-growing your hair is a long term affair that needs dedication and commitment to succeed. Johns program will tell you everything you need to know to start growing fresh locks within a few weeks, yet the full result will literally take quite a few months to grow back. Make sure you’re fully committed at the start and want to re-grow your hair because it will make you happier.
  6. 60 Days Risk-Free No Question asked Money Back Guaranteed – What else is there to say? If you are unhappy with the program, John will refund your money, no question asked.

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Does It Really Work?

This is where I let you in on a little secret. I’ve been using Total Hair Regrowth for 9 months now. As a guy in his early 40’s, my hair has long since lost its youthful texture! My hair loss started in my mid 30’s, first with my hair line receding up into my scalp and then the obligatory “hole in my head” where once hair would have been.

My story is very similar to both Richards and Leonardo’s. I had tried everything and visited my Doctor on multiple occasions. Sadly, most medical doctors respond to hair loss questions with “It’s part of life, deal with it” rather than offering any real advice, not particularly helpful especially when you have to pay to see the guy!

I discovered John Kelby in exactly the same way as most hair loss patients. His research is so widely known and accepted it’s difficult to now come across his work online. I was so impressed by his years of work I decided it was worth a shot and subscribed to his program.

It’s been 4 months now and although I’ve not re-grown all my hair, I’d say about 90% of my scalp is growing happily and 2 months ago the unthinkable happened.

I actually had to visit the Barbers for a haircut!

I’ve spoken to many people who’ve been on the John Kelby plan and that first haircut is the thing they all say is the breakthrough moment. I have to say it was the exact same for me too.

The only proviso I’d say to anyone who want to give Total Hair Regrowth a try is to really go for it. Read the book in its entirety before you start and think about how you’re going to apply everything it says. Nothing helps more when following Johns advice than a good game plan for how you’re going to achieve everything in the guide.

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One Final Word, A Warning

I hope you’ve been given a flavor of what to expect from John Kelby and his amazing program. However, one thing that’s not true of this program is the fact it’s a “quick fix” – it’s not.

It takes roughly 6 months to go from complete or partial hair loss, to repairing the damage and then going on to re-grow your hair. For some people it can take longer, I’ve heard some people take almost 8 months to see 100% of their hair grow back.

Still, you’ll begin to see results even after a few weeks which certainly for me gave some impetus to keep going with the program and get to that final day where I could visit the barbershop again!

If you’re suffering from hair loss, you need John Kelby and his Total Hair Regrowth guide in your life. You’ll also need 100% commitment, a desire to grow your hair and a solid game plan to see it through too!

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